What's The Difference Between Restoration & General Contractors?

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When the time comes to make home repairs, deciding whether you need a restoration or general contractor can be somewhat confusing. If you’re dealing with some type of loss or damage due to fire, storm, or water, not only can the stress and hassle be overwhelming, but cleanup and repairs need to be handled appropriately.

In some circumstances, either the restoration contractor or the general contractor could make the necessary repairs, but the cost and timeframe variances will likely differ drastically.

Difference Between Restoration & General Contractors

To help you determine which is best suited for the job, we’ll explain some distinct differences below.

Restoration Contractors

Restoration contractors focus on repairing damage and returning structures to full functionality as quickly as possible. They take care of cleaning, removing damaged materials and making repairs. Sometimes, if damage is severe enough, a degree of demolition may be necessary, but the primary goal is to restore existing parts.

Restoration companies are Inspection Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certified (IICRC), which guarantees the contractors are specially trained in techniques that minimize costs and put customers’ safety first. Most likely the damage to your home will involve gathering estimates and filing an insurance claim before repairs even begin. The restoration contractor will assess the property, provide a repair estimate and work directly with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you’ll get the most coverage possible on your claim.

Once an agreement is reached between the restoration and insurance companies, the work begins. From removing wet carpet to fixing the damage, it’s all taken care of for you. The only thing you’ll be responsible for is paying the insurance deductible.

General Contractors

General contractors are the best option for remodeling services and plans that involve adding an extra room, or updating the aesthetics of your home. They will take care of scheduling the work of other supplies required too. These sub-contractors include flooring experts, plumbers, a heating and cooling company, electricians, painters, and more.

Before hiring a general contractor, verify they hold the applicable licenses for your area. This will ensure they are educated on zoning and permitting regulations so property inspections will pass. While the general contractor will likely have the skills to do repairs and restoration caused by damage, insurance companies will not reimburse you for any of the expense.

Understanding the difference:

General contractors primarily work on larger projects that involve home improvements and specific detail work and aren’t familiar with insurance claim protocols. On the other hand, restoration contractors know how to deal with insurance companies so you get the best deal possible. And, with the exception of cosmetic work, they take care of everything for you, from beginning to end.

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