What Is the Tiny House Movement?

Tiny House Builders Charlotte, NC

Have you heard about the recent trend towards building tiny houses? Individuals, couples and even families are making the shift to a miniature version of their home.

People have resorted to this option for financial reasons, environmental beliefs and even because they see a tiny house as their gateway to a simpler lifestyle.

Whatever the reason may be, our tiny home builders at Aldo's Restoration & Construction can help you design and build the miniature home of your dreams!

Continue reading to learn more about the tiny house movement and why people are choosing this lifestyle option over standard homes.

The Tiny House Movement

Why Do People Choose Tiny Houses?

People elect to build and live in tiny houses for a variety of different reasons. One of these reasons is the financial costs and benefits of living in a tiny home as opposed to living in a standardized home. Dealing with cheaper home repairs, lesser home living costs, and decreasing the number of expenses may all be enough of an incentive for those individuals and families that are living on a tighter budget.

Another reason people choose tiny homes is because of the decreased environmental footprint. For those more environmentally-friendly individuals, the appeal of living in a home that produces a much smaller amount of Carbon Dioxide per year becomes a no-brainer. These homes cost less to heat or light than a full-sized home and they are often well-insulated making their impact on the environment minimal.

Some individuals or families also choose tiny houses for the increased mobility. Not every individual enjoys living on the same plot of land for many years so it may be more appealing to have the option to hook up your tiny home to a trailer hitch and relocate to somewhere new. A final perk of tiny homes is the simpler lifestyle that often comes with living in them. Many homeowners spend a great deal of their time on projects including yard work, fixing the roof, or remodeling the basement, but many of these time-consuming home improvement tasks either don’t apply to tiny homes or they don’t require as much time to complete.

The Financial Advantages of Tiny Homes

While small homes aren’t for everyone, the costs and expenses associated with tiny homes are much lower than a full-size home. For example, the initial cost of a $250,000 home includes the purchase price as well as interest, taxes, insurance, maintenance, repairs and improvements. All of which can quickly add up during the lifetime of your home to a total cost that is significantly higher than that original purchase price.

On the other hand, the total cost of building and living in a tiny house could potentially be recouped in just a handful of years’ time depending on the homeowner’s lifestyle, allowing individuals and families to take back control of their hard-earned money. Even the costs of insuring, maintaining, and repairing a tiny home are much smaller, which can also help lead to financial freedom. In addition, furnishing a much smaller space is going to cost the homeowner significantly less than it would to furnish a full-size home.

How do I start Designing a Tiny Home?

The first step in designing your tiny home is to contact the experts. Our tiny home builders at Aldo's Restoration & Construction will help you design and build the perfect miniature home for you and your loved ones. There are many aspects to building this type of home that many people don’t consider, which is why we recommend you seek the expertise of an experiencedtiny house builder!

Additional Benefits of a Tiny Home:

  • No mortgage
  • Freedom of movement
  • Easier maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Financial freedom
  • Less time/money cleaning
  • Easier to decorate
  • Better quality home

If you are interested in learning more about our tiny home building services or if you want to request a quote, contact our tiny home builders in Charlotte, North Carolina today at (704) 607-9783. At Aldo's Restoration & Construction, we take pride in helping individuals and families feel comfortable in their home, no matter how big the home may be!