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Tips For Remodeling Your Basement

Basement remodeling tips

Planning to remodel your basement? Consider what you want this space to become first. It’s really unfortunate that a lot of homeowners view their basement as virtually unusable space, fit for depositing certain items that you don’t want in your home, or a concrete-filled room suitable to attract cold and moisture.

However, if you treat it just as you would any other room above ground, your basement can become an integral space in your home. Here are Aldo’s expert tips for remodeling your basement:

Basement Remodeling Tips

1.) Analyze the Space You Have to Work with

What can your basement become? Could it be a socializing area, a relaxation spot, or even the home’s entertainment room?

Figuring out what you want to do with your basement will set the stage for a lot of your future remodeling plans, so spend some time to visualize its potential.

Once you know what you want to do with this space, it will be much easier to decide what your remodeling will contain, such as the type of flooring you want or even the decor.

2.) Inspect Your Space Before You Start

If you’ve never paid attention to your basement so far, you might have a lot of things that need fixing:

  • Reducing moisture

  • Fixing floor damage

  • Improving ventilation

  • Adding certain amenities, such as heating

  • Professional cleaning might also be needed

Don’t get too disheartened if your basement is ‘a lot of work’ though as your remodeling team can help you address most of these issues before they start working on your project.

3.) Inspect the Plumbing and Wiring

If you want to turn your basement into a truly livable space and, for instance, add a bathroom down there, you’ll need certain additions to your plumbing.

Even if you don’t, it’s worth having the pipes and wires there inspected before you move forward to your project and cover them. This will give you the chance to avoid any issues which could get worse over time and ruin your new space.

4.) Bring in the Light

Your basement likely doesn’t have loads of natural light coming in, apart from maybe a few small windows. To make the space even more pleasant, you might want to diversify your lighting choices so you have more control over the type of ambiance you create in your basement.

5.) Reduce the Noise from Above

If you want to enjoy a quiet, relaxing time in your new basement, hearing the footsteps of those above might ruin the peace.

You can add fiberglass batts to the joist spaces above to quiet down the noise of footsteps and seriously reduce noise transmission.

Hire Aldo's For Your Basement Remodel!

If you want to turn your basement into a usable part of your home, Aldo’s Restoration & Construction can help make that happen. Contact us here or reach out to our Charlotte home remodelers at (704) 607-9783.

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