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5 Tips for Kitchen Tile Backsplash Restoration

kitchen backsplash restoration tips

If you are looking for a relatively easy yet quite effective way of enlivening your kitchen, then you should look no further than the tile backsplash.

This small space that fills the space between the cabinets and countertop can work like a canvas that you can use to bring more life into an outdated kitchen design and inject some personality into it.

But, as with every home remodeling project, the key is in the planning.

So, here are five tips that will help you plan and design a gorgeous and successful kitchen tile backsplash restoration project.

Kitchen Backsplash Restoration Tips

1.) Determine the Layout

Before you come up with design ideas and go shopping for tiles, it's important to understand what type of layout you are working with. Based on this, you can determine the best design options that will fit your space seamlessly. Because aesthetics aren't the only consideration here. You will also want a design that is both beautiful and functional and being aware of the layout can help you achieve that.

2.) Pick the Right Material

Based on your budget and preferences, you can choose between ceramic, porcelain, marble, or brick tiles.

Ceramic is the most common and budget-friendly option. It comes in various colors and it's sturdy and easy to clean. Porcelain is more delicate and you will probably need to work with a contractor to install the tiles to avoid any cracks.

If you want to give your kitchen a more unique look, then a brick or marble backsplash are both great options. Keep in mind that they are quite pricey and because they are more porous, maintenance will be more difficult as well.

3.) Brainstorm Design Ideas

It's important to have a clear idea of how you want your kitchen backsplash to look so that you know what type of tile to buy and how to install it.

You could, for example, create a focal point around the cooking area and use tiles in different patterns and colors. Or, you could change the orientation of the tiles to create a more sophisticated look.

4.) Think Long Term

When it comes to kitchen renovations, design often takes second place in favor of functionality.

Marble may give your kitchen a more stylish look, but if you are cooking every night, then you might want to choose a material that is more resistant to grease, heat, and so on.

That's not to say that you can't create a beautiful design that you can enjoy and is easy to maintain. You just need to get a bit more creative.

5.) Work with the Experts

If you have the time, patience, and resources, you could tackle this project on your own. But, if you want a job done right with valuable advice from experts with years of experience in remodeling kitchens, then you should probably hire a team of experts.

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