Tips For Dealing With Emergency Restoration

Emergency Restoration Contractor Charlotte, NC

Home disasters such as fire damage or water damage, can strike at any time. It's important to be prepared and salvage your belongings so you can get back to your everyday routine as soon as possible. Being prepared means calling an emergency restoration contractor when you know what "hits the fan"!

Our restoration contractors have the experience to properly assess the damage and put together a plan to get your house back to normal and prevent future issues like mold damage.

How To Deal With Emergency Restoration

Step 1: Safety First

First and foremost, make sure everyone and everything is safe. Depending on your situation, you may need to call the fire department to extinguish a fire, or shut off your homes main water valve to stop the flooding. Whatever the case, just make sure you take steps now to prevent further damage from happening. This should be your focus! Once these things are taken care of, you'll want to assess the damage.

Step 2: Assessing The Damage

After your home is cleared and deemed safe, you'll want to inspect the damage. It may seem like the right thing to do but DO NOT attempt to clean or pick up anything in your home. Disturbing the property in any way after a disaster may prevent an insurance claim from being fulfilled. Most insurance companies will need as much detailed information and proof about the damage as possible. Tampering with the mess in any way can void whatever reimbursement you would receive otherwise. It's better to wait for your insurer to get on the scene and assess the damage themselves. As long as the scene is safe, you can take photos of the damage yourself, however, both the insurance company and restoration company will do so also.

Step 3: Call A Reputable Restoration Company

Your first thought after a home disaster may be to immediately call your insurance company but you may want to think twice and here's why. It could be less expensive to pay a home restoration company directly rather than filing a claim. Depending on your coverage, you could have a high deductible which would cut into the amount you would be paying a restoration contractor anyway. Also, if you have filed a claim previously with your insurance, this claim will only add to your future premiums.

Another advantage of waiting to call your insurance company is that you get to pick whatever emergency restoration company you want. When you call your insurer first, they take the initiative of contracting their own preferred vendors — which aren't always looking out for you but rather the insurance company. Just remember, you have every right under the law to choose whichever disaster relief company you want. It's no secret that insurance companies seek out vendors who don't cost as much so it saves the insurance companies money every time a claim is made. This doesn't exactly benefit the homeowner however, because cheap labor is just that — CHEAP!

Take the initiative and seek out a trusted, local restoration company with good customer reviews. These companies work directly with the homeowner and have your best interest at heart. They will give you detailed estimates for all of their restoration services and negotiate with your insurance.

Step 4: Contact Your Insurance Provider

Lastly, go ahead and make the call to your insurer and file a claim. Waiting too long could result in your claim being denied so be sure to act in a timely fashion.

Dealing with insurance is never a quick, or easy process so be prepared to be patient. This is another reason to pick your own contractor for emergency restoration services.

Tips for emergency restoration:

  • Step 1: Safety First
  • Step 2: Assessing The Damage
  • Step 3: Call A Reputable Restoration Company
  • Step 4: Contact Your Insurance Provider

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