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Tiny Homes Charlotte, NC

Advantages of a tiny Home

Does downsizing and living the simple life sound appealing to you? If so, you should consider investing in a tiny home built by the Charlotte contractors at Aldo's Restoration & Construction.

Our tiny home builders relentlessly pursue the idea of customized living. With a focus on functionality and an eye for design, our contractor in Charlotte, NC is your solution for a custom tiny house. Whether you're looking for a tiny home on wheels or tiny homes on a foundation, we have the expertise to make your dream a reality!

Until you've experienced tiny living and embraced what it really means to live small, it's kind of a hard concept to wrap your head around. But take it from those who have made the leap from "big living" to living in tiny houses. Many of these people say that the tiny house movement has improved their life in a number of ways.

Advantages Of A Tiny Home

1.) Lower Expenses

This one is obvious. Living in a tiny home is a huge "downgrade" when it comes to homeowner costs. The average price for your typical American home is well over $250,000. This is approximately 10 times as much as it costs for your average tiny house. With less room from tiny living, the cost for your typical everyday things will dwindle as well. Things like heat, water, trash, etc. are all expenses that will be lowered through living in a tiny house. Which brings us to the next point.

2.) Lower Energy Use

Not only do tiny homes cost less, they're also cheaper and more affordable to maintain. With smaller space comes smaller bills. A tiny home gives its owner the freedom to travel and live off the grid. Since you can heat a tiny house with a small wood stove and power it with solar panels, living where you want to is now more affordable than ever!

3.) Simple Living

Clutter and possessions rule the roost in the average American home. In a society based on and almost forced in consumption, tiny house living helps to alleviate these pressures. This way of living allows someone to part with unnecessary possessions and only keep the things that truly enrich their lives. Imagine not being bogged down by the untidiness of a full house and all it entails. If you're convinced having a tiny home might be right for you, contact our Charlotte general contractor today for a free estimate.

Additional Benefits of a Tiny Home:


No mortgage

Freedom of movement

Easier maintenance

Environmentally friendly


Financial freedom

Less time/money cleaning

Easier to decorate

Better quality home

As a licensed and insured tiny home builder in Charlotte, NC, we walk you through the whole home building process. Contact our Charlotte tiny home contractors at Aldo's Restoration & Construction for your Free Estimate. We offer a one-of-a-kind, hassle free experience. Call (704) 607-9783 today!

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