Things To Consider Before Buying A Tiny House

Charlotte Tiny Home Builders

In this era of minimalism and downsizing, people of all ages are opting to live in a tiny home rather than going into debt buying the most luxurious home possible. Some people go to extreme measures, living in a home that is only 150-square feet, but in reality anything less than 1,000 square feet is considered a tiny home.

During the past several years, there has been an increased popularity of tiny homes, because the lower cost of living offers a chance to experience life in a whole new way. Continue reading to learn more!

Tiny Home Considerations

The following factors will help you determine if a tiny house is right for you:

#1 Consider the location.

Finding a location where zoning codes allow tiny houses is usually the obstacle that people encounter most often. Sometimes, rural areas regulations are more lenient, or if there is a larger home on the property, a structure that qualifies as an accessory unit is allowed. Bottom line, before investing in a tiny house, be sure they are permitted.

#2 What type of foundation do you want/need?

As tiny home builders and owners have become more innovative, you can buy a structure that is built on a solid foundation, as well as on wheels. Determine the type of foundation you need or desire. For example, a structure built onsite must adhere to building and zoning codes, just as a standard size home. On the other hand, a tiny house built on wheels qualifies as a mobile home. It will give you the ability to tow it whenever you decide to change locations, or set up in an RV park. This type of tiny home must adhere to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association standards.

#3 Your family size and lifestyle will matter.

It’s also important to consider your lifestyle. For example, if most of your at-home time is spent outside, then a tiny house may not feel cramped, even for a family of six. But, if your family spends a lot of time indoors, either due to personal preference or weather conditions, you need to carefully consider how much space your family needs in a home to be comfortable and happy. The recommendation is to allow a minimum of 100 square feet per family member, plus if you enjoy entertaining or your kids have sleepovers, even more space is recommended.

#4 Outdoor space becomes essential.

Because of space limitations indoors, it is beneficial to consider having acreage or adding a deck or porch to your home. It is great way to add more usable square footage to your home that can be enjoyed during the warmer months.

#5 Maybe you should have a test run.

Consider a short-term rental of a small cabin, RV, or tiny vacation home. It will help you determine how well you’ll enjoy limited living and storage space, before buying your own tiny house.

#6 Think about building codes.

Although building codes may seem like hindrances, they exist for your protection. Whether your tiny home specs will be designed to meet RV or stick-built regulations, it is important to account for climate and environmental conditions as well. Homes need to be built to withstand natural disasters and weather fluctuations, including temperatures, snow loads, tornadoes, earthquakes, and so on.

#7 Plan for utilities.

Evaluating utility options is another important consideration. You’ll need a solution for water, sewer, and electricity, whether you hook up to amenities at an RV campground, or prefer to use public utilities on your personal land. Do you plan to use solar, composting toilets? Will you need an internet connection? Just as there are location limitations, some municipalities have utility restrictions. These decisions need to factored into cost of living expenses.

There are a variety of things to consider before buying a tiny house. Basically, it boils down to personal preferences and financial decisions. The average cost of a tiny home ranges between $15,000 to $40,000, depending on size and the perks you want. There are also tiny home communities on the rise, which offers the chance to live and interact with like-minded neighbors.

Consider these factors:

  • Consider the location.
  • What type of foundation do you want/need?
  • Your family size and lifestyle will matter.
  • Outdoor space becomes essential.
  • Maybe you should have a test run.
  • Think about building codes.
  • Plan for utilities.

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