Should I Remodel My Basement?

Charlotte Basement Remodeling

Basements can offer tons of potential when it comes to increasing the square footage and value of a home. At first glance, the appearances of an unfinished basement can seem lackluster with the cold concrete floors and unfinished ceilings.

However, when homeowners start thinking about potential ways to add value to a home, the basement is often the first option that comes to mind. After all, the space is already enclosed with floors, walls, wiring, and perhaps even plumbing.

Why Remodel My Basement?

Basement remodels offer an ideal space for adding everything from a family or entertainment room, additional bedroom, bathroom, or perhaps a complete living area or in-law suite.

Whether your goal is to add value to the home for your personal needs or to make it more appealing to homebuyers, finishing the basement is oftentimes a much more affordable way to add both value and square footage to a home.

Basements are Valued Differently Than Above Ground Space

Renovating a basement is much more economical than building an addition above-ground because the infrastructure already exists. However, an appraiser will not value this space the same as above-ground square footage. Although the total square footage may compare to one or more homes in the surrounding area, above-ground square footage generally appraises between 30-50% higher than square footage a finished basement adds. A professional in your area will be able to provide more specifics.

While the type of remodel plays a role in added value, the basement style is a factor as well. For instance, a full walk-out basement will be valued the highest because it boasts standard windows and its own entryway from outside. Then there is the garden level basement, also known as a partial drop-in grade, which may or may not have full size windows and doors. Lastly, a basement space that offers no separate walk-out and has limited light is considered the least valued basement style.

What is the Purpose of the Remodel?

One of the benefits of being a homeowner is making the space suit your personal needs. But, the remodels you choose may have an impact on how quickly your home sells should you ever put it on the market.

For instance, converting your basement into something very specialized such as a personal gym, man cave, wine cellar, or craft room may suit your needs perfectly, but those features may or may not be a selling point to buyers viewing your home.

However, if the space is transformed into something more traditional, such as a bonus bedroom and bathroom, in-law suite, recreation or family room, more buyers will find the additional square footage attractive. It just depends on your situation. Ask yourself these questions below.

Questions to ask:

  • Am I looking to sell my home in the next 5 years?
  • Will the renovation add value to a potential buyer?
  • What type of basement do I have?

Bottom line, if the renovation is in your forever home, then do what adds value to your life, but if the goal is to increase market value for resell, have an expert help you decide how to remodel your basement. Contact our basement remodelers in Charlotte NC at (704) 607-9783. At Aldo's Restoration & Construction, we offer free in-home estimates and a worry free experience!