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How To Renovate After Water Damage

renovating after water damage

Water damage can hit any room in your home. When there’s a burst pipe or an appliance like the washing machine malfunctions, it’s common to see your home be damaged by all this unwanted moisture and water.

If your home’s been affected by water damage, here are 5 things you can do to fix things and renovate:

Renovating After Water Damage

1.) Dry Everything

Before you start doing anything else, you’ll need to clean up all the water from the impacted room and let things dry.

Once the room is dry you’ll have a much better view of the damage created, and what your renovation would need to fully restore the room. Sometimes, you may need a team to help you get wet carpets or furniture from the room, especially if you have valuable items that would need to be dried fast to reduce damage. A company like that can offer industrial fans to cut down the drying time tremendously.

2.) Call Your Insurance Company

After the room is dry and you have a better idea of the water damage, it’s time to contact your insurance company to begin the review process. They will send an adjuster to assess the situation and document the event.

You’ll need to work closely with them to ensure the renovation process runs smoothly. Take the time to review your policy and see exactly what sort of damages are covered, and under what conditions, to speed up the process.

3.) Prepare for Renovating

Renovation projects, even small ones, can affect your normal day-to-day. So before the construction team gets there and starts repairing the water damage, it’s worth preparing your home for this process.

For instance, if you have pets or small children, a home renovation might not be the appropriate environment for them because of the noise and mess. You might want to make some arrangements and have them stay friends and family for a while.

Or, you may need to cover the rest of your floors and furniture with plastic to make sure they aren’t damaged during your renovations.

4.) Talk to a Reputable Contractor

Many contractors offer services specifically designed to repair water damage. They will stop by your home to inspect the area and make certain recommendations on how to address the damage. This is also a great opportunity to make additional changes to your space.

If you have some renovation ideas, it’s worth making a budget and then discussing it with a contractor. Remember, the main goal is to repair the water damage, but if your budget allows it, discuss upgrades with your contractor to enhance your room.

5.) Supervise the Project

Though you are paying for their expertise, you should also check in with your contractor to make sure your renovation is following the intended plan. Make sure you confirm paint selection and materials used to renovate to having needing a redo later on!

Call Our Water Damage Restoration Contractors!

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