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Should I Remodel My Home or Rebuild?

things to consider: remodeling vs rebuilding

Now that you have decided to give your home a fresh look, choosing between remodeling and rebuilding can be a challenging endeavor.

Before you embark on any of these projects, you need to consider your budget, permits, the time required, and contractor needs. It is necessary to conduct thorough research, planning, and budgeting to avoid losing your investment in the long run. Here are some things you should consider before deciding to remodel or rebuild your home. Check them out!

Things to Consider: Remodeling vs Rebuilding

Council restrictions and your home’s age

The age of your home is crucial when choosing between remodeling or rebuilding your home. If you live in a beautifully preserved neighborhood, remodeling your home is the best option. Did you know that councils prohibit houses of a specific cultural heritage or age from being renovated or demolished? If your home represents a specific iconic era, you need permission from the city to remodel or demolish it.

The conditions of your block can determine whether you should remodel or rebuild your home. For example, it is easier to rebuild houses on flat blocks, unlike sloping blocks. Sometimes, you may require a permit to remove trees or vegetation in the vicinity before rebuilding. Therefore, determine the age of your home by looking at the council’s records to help determine the way forward.


Your budget is also an essential factor to consider when choosing between rebuilding or remodeling your home—typically, remodeling a home costs more than rebuilding. However, it is crucial to consider factors like location, size of your home, market conditions, weather, and time of the year when determining the overall cost.

Before you decide, research the market conditions of your neighborhood. Avoid overcapitalizing your home, whether you are remodeling or rebuilding it. If you overcapitalize your home, the cost of remodeling or rebuilding will outweigh the market value.


Remodeling takes less time compared to rebuilding a home. While small renovations can take a week or two, rebuilding a home takes approximately 8 to 12 months. Remodeling your home is the ideal choice if you have limited time.

The Extent of Home Improvement and Your Convenience

The amount of work needed in your home can help determine whether remodeling or rebuilding is the best option. Do you want to revamp just your kitchen or bathroom, add another room or change your home’s entire structure? Remodeling may be necessary for bathroom and kitchen makeovers, while rebuilding may be appropriate for recreating your entire home’s system.

It is essential to remember that there may be some disruptions, mainly if you work at home. Minor home remodeling projects can be completed while you are still in the house. This can be cost-efficient and convenient.

A home rebuilding project may require you and your loved ones to find a temporary residence. If you’re rebuilding your primary residence, you might have to consider the cost of moving with your family during the construction period.

Hire Aldo's to Remodel Your Home!

Aldo’s Restoration & Construction can help you decide what suits your needs and budget. Contact us here or call us at (704) 607-9783 for bathroom, basement, kitchen remodeling, and other home improvement services.

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