Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season

Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season Charlotte, NC

Preparing your home for hurricane season is an annual reality for many homeowners in North Carolina and the Charlotte area. Some residents prepare and still find themselves having to evacuate do to a storm's severity.

If you are new to this area of the country and you are preparing to go through your first season of hurricanes you may not know what to do. Continue reading for some tips for preparing your home as well as yourself and your family for this time of the year.

How To Prepare Your Home For a Hurricane

If you think you may be staying in place or evacuating you will need to prepare your house. If you end up leaving and taking shelter in a different state you will want to return to a home that was properly protected. Or at least you want to know you did what you could to protect that investment.

Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are a must. Even if you are just going to use a sturdy piece of plywood over your windows in place of shutters, you need to protect the glass. If unprotected windows break, you run the risk of having interior water damage.

It's still possible that there will be flooding and water damage might be inevitable, but at least your windows won't be broken. There are other steps such as adding sandbags in front of your doors to divert water and lessen the amount of water your home or business takes in. It won't be an airtight seal, however it could mean the difference between a small repair and a full blown emergency restoration.

Tempered Glass

If you live in a place that will get hurricanes every season without fail, then you will want to invest in tempered glass for your windows and doors. This glass is stronger and less likely to break. Although it isn’t shatterproof; it could save you thousands of dollars spent on repairing damages.

High-Pressure Garage Doors

When a hurricane hits it comes with high-speed winds that put pressure on garage doors (and other structural surfaces). But garage doors are usually pretty lightweight and don’t hold up to pressure or high winds well. Living in a hurricane zone will warrant the extra investment of a high-pressure garage door. While a high category of a hurricane can still do damage to these doors, they are less likely to crumple like a sheet of paper.

Prepare Exterior Doors

There are some people that have lived through enough hurricanes that they have metal doors that roll down to protect their other doors. This is a good idea because it will not only protect those doors but it will give another layer of protection from the storm for the inside of your home or business. If you don’t want to add metal roll-down doors to your home you will at least need to make sure the door is sealed well. Again, sandbags are always another less expensive option.

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