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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building A Tiny House

Avoid these mistakes when building a tiny house

A lot of people have made the decision of building themselves a tiny home in the quest for a cozy living space with lower costs of maintenance, fewer things to store, and a simpler lifestyle that lets you focus on more important things in life.

But going small doesn’t always mean that your project is going to be easier. There are several mistakes people can make when building a tiny house. We will list the most common of them, so you know what problems to avoid before having to deal with the aftermath.

Avoid These Mistakes When Building a Tiny House

1.) Assuming That Building a Tiny Home Is Cheap

While the reduced cost is one of the top reasons why someone chooses to build a tiny home, it doesn’t mean that everything you put in it has a reduced cost. Compromising quality for a cheaper price can be bad for you when choosing your plumbing, insulation, structural elements, or proper planning.

2.) Not Planning Your Project Properly

Any kind of construction should be planned properly, even if we are talking about a tiny one. Ask experts for advice regarding structural safety, the effective use of space, and the type of materials you should use when building your non-conventional home.

3.) Not Paying Attention to the Weight of the Materials

The weight of the materials that go into a tiny home is a crucial parameter that you need to consider, especially if you want to build a movable home. Choose materials that look like their natural alternatives but are lighter like metal roofing, lightweight concrete, or aluminum alloys.

4.) Not Checking the Local Regulations Regarding Tiny Buildings

Before you start building on the land you have chosen, check the local zoning regulations regarding tiny homes. Depending on the type of tiny house you have decided on, you might have trouble getting the building approved by the homeowners association. Get all the needed approvals before you start investing in materials or labor.

5.) Choosing a Heater That Is Too Big or Too Small

Heaters are a very important system for your house, and choosing the wrong size will not only make you uncomfortable, but it can also damage your building. A heater that is too small will not heat the place properly, encouraging moisture, mold, and mildew, or even water damage from condensation.

6.) Improper Insulation

Tiny home owners often choose this living option because it's sustainable and eco-friendly. But not insulating your house according to the climate will cause energy losses and bigger costs for heating or cooling down your house.

Contact Our Charlotte Tiny Home Builders

Building a tiny home can be more challenging than you first thought. Even though the size of your place will be a fraction of a normal house, you still have to deal with the same important aspects, like heating, insulation, regulations, or utilizing the space properly.

If you have a tiny home project in mind, contact the Charlotte, NC home builders at Aldo’s to guide you through the process and help you avoid expensive mistakes that could jeopardize the project.

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