Key Considerations When Remodeling a Tiny Bathroom

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Tiny bathroom?

Simple changes, even as basic as bright colors, could help open things up without forcing you to bring down walls or sacrifice the size of your tub or shower.

Continue reading this to learn about the different tips and tricks to consider when remodeling a small bathroom.

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Tiny Bathroom Remodeling Considerations

#1 Avoid Dark Colors

Contrasting hues and dark colors can add shadows to a small space and make it feel cramped or even dreary. So, it's best to stick with light and bright colors. Even a monochromatic color scheme may be the way to go, with whites, creams, and shades of light gray being obvious choices to avoid a "cave-like" bathroom. Icy blues, seafood greens, butter yellows, and so on can all work well when placed correctly. Pair with white trims and cabinetry to keep things airy and fresh feeling.

#2 Add a Pop of Personality

Just because you're looking to use light colors to keep the space open, it doesn't mean you need to cut out personality. Towels and the shower curtain can help bring in some colors with overwhelming. So can the right soap dispenser or toiler tray. Playing with textures is also highly effective. Plus, using temporary items to bring in personality also makes future upgrades easy.

#3 Draw The Eye Up

Tiny room? Drawing the eye up can help make it feel larger since you can't draw the eye out. Hanging a floor-to-ceiling shower curtain is one way to do this, but a large-scale mirror, art on the walls slightly above eye level, and crown molding at the ceiling can also help pull the eye around the room. Reconsidering your light fixtures is also effective, especially if you choose some that will light up the room very well, which will brighten and enlarge the space in itself.

#4 Reflect More Light

Light reflectivity will help make your room look larger to the eye, so the mirror is the first place you should consider when making a bathroom look bigger. The largest mirror you can fit on the wall is usually the best bet. High-gloss fixtures, though, can also make the room feel bigger, including shiny countertops, backsplashes, and even fixtures in your tub, shower, and sink.

#5 Use Pocket Doors

In a really small space, the sheer presence of a door swinging into the room can make its small size obvious. That's why you might want to consider low-profile French doors or, better for more layouts, a pocket door that slides into the wall so there's never a door to take up floor space. A frosted privacy glass window in the door can also open it up more.

#6 Be Smart About Storage

Start by cutting down on what you actually store in your tiny bathroom and make sure you stick to the essentials, like only a couple of towels. Then, figure out how you can best store what you do keep in the bathroom. A tray on the counter can help organize any toiletries and organizers can maximize drawers and cabinet space. Hanging or recessed shelving can also add new storage.

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