How To Create Space In A Tiny House

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Living in a tiny house means it is vital that every inch of space is utilized, in order to keep things tidy and stay organized — among other things.

Whether you live in an actual tiny home, or in a standard size home, there’s almost always an opportunity to learn how to use an area more efficiently.

Check out the following suggestions on how take advantage of all of the space you have. There so many creative ways to consolidate.

Maximizing Space In A Tiny Home

Make the Most of Every Nook and Cranny

From a few inches of space between a wall and appliance, to those unused corners throughout your home, every nook and cranny has potential. For example, most refrigerators set away from the side wall at least ½” and sometimes 1” or more.

There are simple DIY plans for building a thin rolling shelf, or slide-out pantry that fits perfectly along the side of the fridge, ideal for holding spices, seasonings, and sauces, all conveniently located.

Take advantage of the open space over doorways by installing shelves for collectibles, books, or storage baskets. Don’t let those corners go to waste either. Those awkward corners between doorways and windows that are often bare for lack of space can be transformed with custom floor to ceiling shelves. Depending on depth and width, the shelves can store household items or become shallow bookshelves to display face-forward cookbooks, children’s books, and more.

Use Versatile Furniture

Choosing furnishings that serve dual purposes is a great way to make the most of a tiny space. Suggestions include using a storage bench instead of a coffee table, installing a murphy bed that houses clothing storage underneath, or a sofa bed to accommodate for occasional overnight guests. Consider adding skirting to furniture with legs to be used as hidden storage.

Create Extra Storage Below

With some creativity, that extra space underneath stairs and cabinets add new storage areas. For instance, many tiny homes use the space underneath stairwells in a variety of ways. It can become a closet, children’s play area, shelving, or even drawers. Additionally, if you have unused space underneath cabinets, consider shallow drawers to store things like plastic wrap or anything flat and thin. There are multiple possibilities.

Store Vertically

In a tiny home, wall space is simply too precious to be used merely for artwork and photos. With a few hooks, this vertical real estate becomes storage for cookware in the kitchen, sconces in the dining area, home for some of your favorite clothing pieces, handbags, accessories, or even a space for your bicycle.

Space saving tips:

  • Make the most of every nook and cranny
  • Use versatile furniture
  • Create extra storage below
  • Store vertically on walls

Finally, when assessing your need for space, give some thought about how you plan to use the additional storage space. While extra space is always nice, many of us tend to hang onto things we no longer need or use. So, rather than organizing more stuff perhaps it’s time to consider donating. You’ll appreciate the extra space and probably won’t miss the stuff, which means less stress.

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