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Adding a Home Addition? Consider This

Thinking about adding a home addition? Read on...

Thinking about adding a home addition? Whether your family is getting bigger, or you just might need some extra space for your belongings, home additions are a great way to enhance your home and even increase its value.

But, to make sure your new addition is a success, watch out for these Do’s and Don’ts!

Thinking About Adding a Home Addition? Read On...

Home Addition Do’s

1.) Have a Clear Vision

Most likely, you don’t want an extra room in your home just for the sake of it. Think of the purpose of that extra space and have this idea clear in your mind while you’re making all the decisions.

If you do, it’ll be much easier to see how this addition fits into your home, and even what extra add-ons it might need to reach your goals.

2.) Consider an Extra Bathroom Too

This is especially true if you’re adding new rooms because of a growing family. Bathroom space can fill up fast, so the best thing you could do to ensure nobody has to wait long hours to take a shower is to simply add another bathroom.

3.) Work with a Reliable Contractor

Your contractor should be a trusted partner who helps you take your idea and bring it to life. Make sure the contractor understands your vision and your needs so that they design the project accordingly. If you want to learn more about Aldo’s Restoration & Construction home addition services, please visit this page.

Home Addition Don’ts

1.) Being Stubborn

It’s understandable if you have a very clear set of ideas for your home addition. However, when you work with a contractor, they will likely provide many optimization tips and enhancements that could deter the project from your vision slightly.

Try to be flexible with your vision and listen to their advice. Remember that the addition also needs to be functional!

2.) Going Too Big 

With home additions, it’s best to work your way up and not overextend yourself (or your resources) right away.

Not only that, remember the more or bigger additions you have, the smaller yard space you’ll have to work with. While add-ons can increase property value tremendously, smaller yards and lower it.

3.) Having No Budget

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make when it comes to home improvements is not considering how much they can comfortably afford on these projects.

Unless you have unlimited funds, it’s best to sit down and come up with a sum that’s comfortable for you and your family. This will also help the contractor optimize your project to stay on budget.

Are You Considering Adding a Home Addition? Call Aldo's!

Aldo’s Restoration & Construction is here to help your Charlotte home expand with reliable and affordable home addition services designed to bring your vision to life!

Our skilled team of builders and construction experts is at your service to transform your home, no matter if you need to remodel, rebuild, or have other bigger plans. Tell us more about your project by calling (704) 607-9783 today, or reaching out online.

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