The Best Ideas to Consider for Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodelers Charlotte, NC

Everyone knows the kitchen is the heart of any home and, being that it often forms as a gathering place for family and friends alike, it's only sensible that home owners want to keep their kitchen both highly functional and attractive to the eye.

With that said, not all upgrades are worth investing in. In fact, aside from the changes that won't bring any added value to your home, some kitchen remodels could outright lower your property's appeal should you ever go to put it on the market.

Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

So, if you're considering a kitchen remodel, here are the aspects you should be looking at. And, remember, just because you invest a lot in, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll get your money back should you choose to sell one day.

#1 Choose The Right Colors

A coat of paint on a bedroom wall is a quick solution for a home that's going up for sale, but the colors of a kitchen are typically much harder to change. While you may have walls you're painting, you also likely have a number of colors to choose from when it comes to the floors, counters, backsplash tiles, and even appliances within the kitchen. You need to make sure all of these colors, patterns, and textures pair well together while also ensuring that the colors you choose are ultimately inviting and timeless.

This, of course, means to shy away from anything too bright or overbearing. Neutral tones are always ideal, but you shouldn't see them as boring. Pops of color and personality can be added with less-permanent aspects, like tea towels, curtains, bar stools, and so on.

#2 Upgrade Your Cabinets

"Dated" is a word you never want to hear spoken when referring to your kitchen cabinets. Of course, updating them doesn't necessarily mean ripping them out entirely. If you're considering a kitchen remodel and your cabinets are less than timeless in design, or perhaps in bad shape, consider the possibility of patching and repairing with some sandpaper and paint rather than a complete replacement. If feasible, refacing them can save you a substantial amount of money, which you can dedicate elsewhere.

Of course, if replacement is the only way to go, that gives you the opportunity to explore the potential of a better layout, given that you can address the flooring appropriately. So, if your kitchen is cramped or just awkwardly placed, new cabinets could be the gateway to a better flow overall.

#3 Carefully Select a Backsplash

A backsplash is really a staple piece in your kitchen's design. Like everything else, you should aim to find one that's timeless and eye-catching, to avoid needing to replace it in the next 10-15 years when today's trends are long gone.

Now, when it comes to saving money, you can do that by considering a DIY solution. Installing a backsplash is time-consuming and a bit messy, but it's actually not terribly difficult, and a few tutorial videos are all you'll need to do it well. Backsplash "hacks" that are less expensive (and less permanent) like wallpaper, tile decals, and even stick-on laminate planks can also offer a better look in less time and for far less money.

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