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Basement Finishing Do’s and Don’ts

Basement finishing do's and dont's

Renovating your basement is a big project, and it can change the aspect and functionality of an important space in your home.


Taking such a project should be done only after careful planning and after setting realistic expectations about what is to be done, and what you can achieve with the budget and resources you have. Whether you want to transform your basement into an entertainment area, a utility room, or a storage space, here are the do’s and don’ts of finishing a basement.

Basement Finishing Do's & Don'ts

List of Basement Finishing Do’s

  • Take moisture into consideration: no matter how well insulated they are, the basement will be more prone to retaining moisture, which can lead to plenty of future problems. Make sure you have moisture under control by having a good ventilation system, keeping the area warm during cold months, and installing good insulation all over.

  • Work with the space you have: basements can be difficult to renovate because of awkward spaces like nooks, pillars, etc. It’s best to work around these elements instead of trying to change them completely.

  • Plan the utilities you want to have in the new space: if you need heating, running water, a toilet or a shower in the basement, deal with these tasks first.

  • Focus on light and how to make the basement welcoming: your basement should have plenty of light to make it welcoming and functional.

  • Get the right permits for your project: be aware of the permits you need to get from the homeowner’s association or other entities before you start your project.

List of Basement Finishing Don’ts

  • Skip important details: treat your basement like you would treat any other room in your home. You should think about the details you want to see when the project is finished and know exactly what can be achieved.

  • Change your plan midway: changing plans during the project timeline is expensive and can compromise the success of the whole project. Make sure you know what you want before the work starts.

  • Go over your budget: plan your budget by securing an emergency fund in case something unexpected comes up.

  • Hire a contractor that is not qualified and licensed: some homeowners hire cheap contractors, in the hope that they can finish their basement with the lowest cost possible. Hiring the wrong contractor can be more costly in the long term if you have to deal with repairs and refinishing.

Basement Finishing by Aldo's Restoration & Construction

Just as any other renovation project, basement remodeling should be done with careful planning. Get ready to discuss the tasks in detail, and work with a trustworthy contractor who can understand what you need and what your vision is. Contact us here or call us directly at (704) 607-9783 for a free estimate!

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