5 Small Business Renovation Strategies

Commercial Business Renovation Charlotte, NC

Maybe your small business is out of date or perhaps you just want to change things up.

Whatever the case may be, a renovation is an excellent way to move forward, but you'll need to consider a few core ideas before moving forward.

Our Charlotte contractors have excellent renovation strategies to put in place that will help your business. Continue reading to learn about these strategies so you can turn your investment into a profitable one.

Renovation Tips For Your Business

#1 Align Your Brand

Your brand recognition is everything as a small business, and your storefront counts as a major client-facing aspect of your business' brand. So, you need to make sure your building is consistent and aligned with what you want to represent. You can unify your branding efforts now that you're renovating by painting walls to match your brand's colors and even incorporating your logo in a unique way. This links your company's physical location to your brand, helping to solidify it in the mind of everyone who visits.

#2 Be Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is one of the best ways to trim your overhead down and increase your profit margins, and reducing energy consumption is a particularly great way to do that. Working energy efficient construction codes into your renovation plan will save you money in the long run and even potentially qualify you for some tax breaks. Programmable thermostats, double-pane windows, and automated faucets are all good ideas to consider.

#3 Optimize Your Space

Now that you're renovating, you have an excellent opportunity in front of you to potentially re-evaluate how your floor plan is laid out. For instance, it might be more efficient to bring two departments or teams closer together or to separate two areas that often interfere with one another. This efficient workplace will better optimize employee interactions and increase productivity as a result. Plus, a sleek environment will be highly attractive to new, highly qualified candidates.

#4 Make It A Show

No business likes to close, but you're inevitably going to face downtime as you enter into the renovation phase. But, instead of trying to hide it or hurry it along silently, why not make a show out of it? Showing off your renovation will really help clients feel like they're part of your "family" as you give them an inside look at what's going on. It's also a fun way to show off just how much your company is growing.

You can use your renovation as part of your marketing, too. People love to see companies grow, change, and adapt. A remodeling is like unveiling a brand new face for your business, so don't be shy about sharing progress photos. When you do re-open, make it a big deal and perhaps use it as the opportunity to launch a new sale, promotion, or deal to celebrate with your customers.

#5 Consider Alternative Financing

A renovation is a major financial undertaking, which requires careful budgeting and resource allocation. So, getting a small business loan from an alternative lender is a great way to unlock crucial capital as you proceed with your renovation. Consider all of your potential financing options as you look into your strategy.

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