4 Ways To Profit from a Tiny Home Investment

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If you've turned on a home improvement or lifestyle channel recently, you've most certainly seen a tiny home. They're sweeping the nation as a new way to live, and with so many people dreaming of ditching their mortgage for a home they can own outright or extremely cheap rent, tiny homes are proving to be a worthwhile investment.

While city planners are still new to the idea of tiny homes in many cities across the country, other counties are stepping up to the plate, proactively changing zoning regulations as the demand for tiny homes grows.

If you're thinking about building one, here are four potential ways to do it.

Tiny Home Investment Tips

#1 Build It for Yourself

Tiny homes provide the means for a fun DIY project, and all you need are some key tools and the patience to learn. The cost of building a tiny home can be as little as $10,000 or as much as you want to put in, but the beauty of it is that you can customize a tiny home to meet your every need. There are many kit homes you can build, too, if you don't want to work completely from scratch.

#2 Build and Rent It

If you aren't ready to live in a tiny home full-time just yet, here's a great investment opportunity: build one and rent it out for recreation. Fewer permits are needed if your tiny home won't be a full-time dwelling and you can build it quicker, too, for the same reason. If you have property in the right location, people will flock to your tiny home for its privacy, affordability, and the taste of a new lifestyle. You can even offer "vacation packages," like a fully stocked kitchen or in-home spa services.

#3 Make It a Monthly Rental

With the housing crisis still very much upon us, people of all ages are in need of an affordable place to live. If you build a tiny home on wheels, you can register it as an RV in many places. Or, you can put it on a foundation in your backyard and it will be welcomed in many residential lots. This allows your monthly rental to be mobile or stationary, depending on your preferences and the needs of your renter.

#4 Flip a Tiny House

Buy a bit of land, build a tiny home on it, and sell it for a profit — it's that simple! Many people who are pioneering tiny home communities are doing just that. Plus, with a tiny home flip, your investment (and, therefore, your risk) is so much lower compared to a traditional property. You can also work faster, potentially flipping a new tiny home every 3 or 4 months.

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